Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This was the start of things going rather badly for me. I'm realizing that I'm uploading these albums in reverse order and am having to relive a lot of painful memories. I make music to help me cope with what's going on, but once it's past, then the music serves as an emotional time capsule. I'm not really up for navigating a minefield like that.

I was fumbling for the OFF switch, so to speak.

I think I use samples so often and make covers, because hearing how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking from somebody else words or music makes me feel understood in some way.  This is fiction, I know.

Additional notes: The working title for this album was La Dolce Vita.  I changed it after making the title track because it was one of the most hopeful things I'd made in a long time.  It surprised me and I wanted to frame it. Many of these songs are "pep talks" to myself, in a kind of I Will Survive fashion. Private little hopeful prayers.